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  • [Pre-order NOW] FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot

    World's first OMNI 4K underwater drone that truly moves like a fish!
    FREE Immersive VR Upgrade between May 23th - June 7th!

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    • 6 Degrees of Freedom6 Degrees of Freedom
    • Posture Lock™Posture Lock™
    • Head TrackingHead Tracking
    • Depth Rating 100 mDepth Rating 100 m
    • 4K UHD in 30 fps4K UHD in 30 fps
    • 166° Ultra Wide-Angle166° Ultra Wide-Angle
    • 4.5 Hours Diving Time4.5 Hours Diving Time
    • 4000 lumen LED4000 lumen LED
    • 8x Slow Motion8x Slow Motion
    • Image StabilizationImage Stabilization
    • H.265 for Sharp DetailsH.265 for Sharp Details
    • RAW in DNG FormatRAW in DNG Format


    • Basic Package


    • [ Pre-order Free ] Immersive VR Upgrade(Original $99)$0

      Unlocked app access for a fully immersive VR experience (VR Box Included).

    • Upgrade to 328 ft. Tether $100

      Upgrade from the original 164 ft. tether

    • HDMI Box$199

      Broadcast your adventures live and instantly through your social platforms.

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      • Thomas Farrar

        The FIFISH V6 is an excellent product that expands my current capabilities to support underwater surveys the nearby bay.
      • Mike Killion

        My friend got one of these for us to try and let me tell you, it was a blast to use! It was an incredibly versatile ride, and packs a lot of power in its camera system and battery. Absolutely would recommend!
      • Denny Antonio

        2019-05-08 17:01:26

        Great picture quality, product quality in general, capabilities, range and settings.
    • Accessories list Quantity
      FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot ×1
      Remote Controller ×1
      164 ft. Kevlar Tether ×1
      Underwater Robot Charger ×1
      Remote Control Charger ×1
      • What are the dimensions and weight?

        The dimensions are 383 mm x 331 mm x 143 mm (15 in x 13 in x 5 5/8 in), with its weight being 3.9 kg (5 5/8 lbs).

      • How can I turn the FIFISH V6 ON & OFF?

        Turn ON the remote controller (Press and hold the ON/OFF button, until you hear 7 low to high chimes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti).

      • What are the camera specifications?

        FIFISH V6's camera system is equipped with the following specs:

        • Sensor: 1/2.3” SONY CMOS

        • 12Mega Pixels

        • ISO Range: 100-6400 in Auto / Manual

        • Field of View: 166°

        • Aperture: f/2.5

        • Burst Shooting (1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 frames)

        • White Balance: 2500K ~ 8000K

        • Photo Format: JPG, DNG

        • Video Resoltion:  4K UHD: 25/30 fps & 1080P FHD/ 120 fps

        • Internal Storage: 64 GB standard (128 GB is Optional)

      • Tell me more about joy sticks, and how can I control the ROV?

        The left joystick is for horizontal movements, such as forward, reverse, left turn and right turn. The right joystick is for controlling its pitch and roll rotations. The all-new left and right wheels on the back of the controller control the drones lateral and horizontal movements.

      • What is the micro-SD card slot on remote controller?

        This is only for exporting and wirelesslt downloading the original 4K video content from FIFISH V6 internal memory.

      • What is the purpose of the tether? Why do you need the tether?

        Operating the ROV are requiring the communication and massive data transportation on First Person View (FPV). However, due to the narrow bandwidth, waking inside the salt water or request the accurate directions disadvantages of wireless communication system, the neutral buoyancy tether provide a reliable and good quality for communication solutions.

        In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar®, which is capable to hold an adult's body weight (80 kg or 178 lbs).

      • What is the format of Video & Picture?

        The format of video is MP4, and the format of the picture is JPEG.

      • How often does it need to charge?

        Is recommended to charge and discharge once for every 3 months, then charge to 50~60% for storage.

      • What is the capacity of the Lithium battery inside FIFISH V6?

        The capacity of V6's internal Lithium battery is 97.2, which is following the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and TSA regulations.